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Film Review: ‘Steel Rain’

I liked that this was not just a story - but a message. It makes you think and consider - something YA books often lose track of in their quest to be the next mega-million movie deal. I appreciated that it was a message other than "government bad", which, to be honest, is officially a pedestrian concept now.

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Overall, I think Alexander wrote a good debut novel and I am interested to see how she steps it up for the next book. May 20, Jessica Goldenfurpro rated it really liked it Shelves: I had the vague idea that it was dystopian and had something to do with videogames, but that was it. And yes, both of those were involved, but there was so much more to it! This was a very unique book and yes, it had some videogame inspiration, but the idea is new and very interesting.

The I'm sorry if I'm being vague, but it's much more exciting to go into this book knowing as little as possible Though, you can always read the synopsis if you want to see how original of an idea this book has. The world-building involved in creating The Aftermath and the dystopian society is amazing!

Guide Akutagawa Ryunosuke Short Story Selection vol [Wasure Rarenu Inshou +1] (in Japanese)

So much is involved in the creation of this world and you do actually feel like you are within it! I, honestly, don't have very many issues with this book. Some of the characters felt a bit flat, but that's understandable due to the situation and many of the characters grew rounder as the story went on.

There were some things I had a hard time believing, view spoiler [Like the fact that Claudia took until now to figure out that she was being controlled by someone else. It was mentioned that she was already somewhat aware, so why didn't she realize this? While this book has some video game inspiration, you don't have to be a gamer to enjoy it! I'm not a gamer, and I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

I do recommend it to those who want to read a brand-new take on dystopians! And I will definitely be reading the sequel! Especially after that ending! Survivors trying to live in a world ravaged with cannibal Hoarders?? I love survival stories where the characters have to search for food, water, shelter, and where there is always danger lurking around the next corner. This book was all that I expected and more The main character, Claudia and her small clan of survivors "In the world of the Aftermath, every day could by your last The main character, Claudia and her small clan of survivors are just trying to make it day by day by scavenging from nearby cities.

While on a scavenge hunt Claudia runs into another survivor and during the encounter she gets hit on the head by an object. The next thing she knows She hears people talking about "fixing" her and she sees machines working on her and she is totally confused. But I didn't, I want to say. I thought of a different game where I was a different type of gamer. And worst of all, I'm not sure where the memory came from or if I'm simply imagining even more violence.

And the craziest thing of all is that I hope that's it--that it's my imagination, that I'm going off the deep end; that there isn't more blood on my hands. The one thing that I would have liked to seen more of was romance. The story lacked a good romance story and of course that always makes a book better. I think when romance is added into the book it always makes the book more emotional and makes it easier to connect with the characters. I wasn't sure where exactly the story was going to go at first but still found myself completely absorbed in it. Claudia is such an intense character and her fight to discover the truth was so compelling that I found myself cheering her on.

There are so many twists in this story and just when you think you have it figured out Fans of young adult, dystopian, suspense, sci-fi, and gamers will really enjoy this book. Define the aftermath noun and get synonyms.

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  • What is the aftermath noun? Post World War II, a British colonel and his wife are assigned to live in Hamburg during the post-war reconstruction, but tensions arise with the German who previously owned the house. More Info: See more production information.

    It had just enough action in each chapter to keep you hooked. I did end up enjoying the story though I have to say that it started out terribly slow for me.

    The Aftermath

    This was due in part to one of the things that was so well done here, and that's the world building. The plot is a pretty unique one, and the author did a great job creating the world of The Aftermath and it's characters.

    Briefly, Claudia Virtue lives in The Aftermath, the world that's left after a terrible war. There's not enough food, water, or supplies needed to live for the survivors and on top of that, they have to contend with groups that have turned to cannibalism to live. For a while now, Claudia has been bothered by strange echos in her mind, that sometimes seem like wisps of memory. She worries that the pressure and stresses of trying to survive are making her lose it.

    As time goes on and those flashes get stronger, she begins to suspect that she's being controlled like a character in a live-action game. If I were a gamer myself, I think I would have sucked this book up. It was creepy the way Claudia begins to suspect that she's not in control, the way she starts noticing strange things about her clan members that she never did before. What really kept me from liking this more was that the characters were so flat for most of the story. I get why this was, as they were made to be unemotional for the most part, as characters in a brutal landscape.

    But it didn't help me to care about what was happening. The plot was not fast moving at all, until the very end, so there was no action to make it exciting. I also had an issue with a few things said and done that just seemed contradictory to something previous. All of that said, it sounds like I didn't like it but that's not the case. It wasn't a bad book, the idea behind it was fascinating. I do wish there had been more character development, that is what connects me to a story. As for the action I was looking for, the end sure did take off with that. It also left me with a lot of questions unanswered and I very much want to know what happens next.

    Apr 29, Frank Chillura rated it it was amazing Shelves: Her thoughts contradict with her feelings, she is no longer in control of her own actions, and she keeps having these dreams about a girl that looks just like her, but is in a completely different world. She is the leader of her clan and she is in charge of making sure they aren't killed by flesh-eaters Savage Cannibals , as well as making sure they have enough food, water, and supplies by taking them on missions. She is just starting to realize that her weird behavior and the unexplained blackouts that she keeps having are not the result of something she is doing.

    From the very beginning, you know something is wrong. It all seems too surreal and there is something sinister going on. When she is knocked out while on a raid with her boyfriend, she wakes up to find that she can finally see what is really happening. Claudia and her friends are living inside of a video game. They are only characters being played by real people in the real world. While her friends are still oblivious, she has become sentient.

    When her player logs off, she used to black out and only wake back up when her player logged back on Claudia is the result of a glitch in the program. She can't let anyone find out or the game moderators will delete her. All she wants to do is find a way out. He has missed his father and has 'a whole war's worth' of questions for him. Read the rest of my review at http: In Hamburg, Colonel Lewis Morgan is placed in charge of beginning the process of rebuilding the devastated city as well as the rehabilitation and training of its battered and displaced people.

    Steel Rain

    Others either never get the chance or allow the destruction of the past to overwhelm them. Instead of displacing the family, the kindly Colonel decides the house is big enough for both families to call a home. So when an attractive dark haired boy offers to help her escape if she can help him find someone, there is only 1 thing to do. This book is not what I expected when I purchased it So much happens that I didn't see coming that every page kept me on my toes. I enjoyed every second of reading it and now I'm aching for more.