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An ageing nation

Roca recalled in an interview. Eventually, they reached a compromise. The final text spoke not of nations — but of regions and nationalities. Roca said.

Birth Crisis - Sheila Kitzinger on Birth in the 21st Century

Forty-one years after the Constitution was passed in a referendum, that remains a widely shared opinion. Alonso added.

Our Crisis is a Birth

For some on the left, the Constitution has proved to be too vague in its promises about housing, employment, health care and pensions. For some on the right, the Constitution has prove to be too flexible, allowing Catalan nationalists to demand more and more autonomy until attempting to break away entirely in Yet for the Catalan separatists, the text has not been flexible enough: It bars them from organizing a legal referendum on independence without the support of the Spanish government.

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Today there are about 7. And although populations have stabilised in many regions, in particular Europe and North America, figures released by the UN this month show global numbers are now growing at the alarming rate of about million every 14 months. These are the kind of population numbers we associate with simple organisms swimming in a pond, not those of a big-brained omnivore that requires 3, calories a day to survive.

Another Lumsden birth crisis

If there are 10 billion of us, every forest, valley and piece of land will have to be turned to agriculture to feed us. Today there are about 1. By , there will be more than 4 billion.

So, in theory, if someone has a bias against home birth and they want to come down on somebody who transferred [a laboring woman to the hospital], they have the criminal route available. Still, the mere idea of arresting a midwife is a hard one for many to swallow. Read more from Yahoo Lifestyle:.

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  • In world’s worst humanitarian crisis, the miracle of a safe birth.

Shoz: Paying off student loans will cause a dramatic raise in college tuition. Colleges already have been raising tuitions way higher than inflation would dictate. Lifestyle Home. Follow Us. Beth Greenfield Senior Editor.


Yahoo Lifestyle February 21, View photos. Elizabeth Catlin at home in Penn Yan, N. Photo: Mike Bradley for Yahoo Lifestyle. Mennonite women recently discussed their support for Catlin. There are approximately Mennonite families in and around Yates County, N. David Morabito, a criminal defense attorney in East Rochester, N. What to Read Next.

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