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Pronounced Deeth, Death is the best librarian of all time. That is all. Is it quite slow and tiresome in places? Was I sad when I got to the end and realized there was no more? This story is all about truth and lies — uncovering secrets, and secrets within secrets; rediscovering lost memories; figuring out who is lying, and why, and who else knows — and trying to find a space in between, where those who need to tell the truth can, and those who cannot bear the truth can wait until they are strong enough.

All these secrets make for an intricate mystery, or series of mysteries, and what I love most about them was how they tie together the personal and the political for each character. Bitterblue, similarly, lies to Saf and his friend Teddy about her identity for good reasons — to learn what they know, in her pursuit of truth — but her shame at abusing their trust has repercussions both for her as a queen and for her as a person and as a woman in the full swing of her first real crush.

Why are the buildings in one section of town in such disrepair? Why does Bitterblue hate spiral staircases? It takes time for them all to come together, what with the sheer volume of them, and I did get impatient with it at times, but overall I thought the connections were often subtle instead of slow. Just tell us briefly how Bitterblue figures it out and give us the information we need.

This story is also all about blame and responsibility.

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Who should bear the brunt of recompense to his victims? These are all interesting and important questions and the novel does a great job of exploring them, but what I liked most about it was the way Cashore brought in various reactions to self-blame — many who were closest to Leck committed the most monstrous crimes, but even though they had no free will of their own, how do they begin to forgive themselves?

Finally, this is a story about the past, and as such, the ending is not so much an ending as a beginning. This might throw some people who expect a neatly tied-up story view spoiler [, not one that ends with a lot of the characters essentially starting over with new knowledge, or in essentially the same place but with a new outlook, or right on the verge of some huge thing that will take years more to realize.

My other favorite romance is Death and his books and his mangy cat.

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The ending is hopeful, and there are some bright spots, but too many of the characters are living a tragedy to call this a happy book. There were dark elements in Graceling and Fire , but neither of them took them as seriously as this book. His Grace is to read inhumanely fast and remember every word forever that would be my chosen superpower!

Plus, I just loved how he and Bitterblue start out disapproving of each other and grow to be such comrades as they realized their goals are the same. At one point, she gives him an impossibly hard mental task and he tells her she is the queen every librarian dreams of. In this analogy, Angelus is Leck, the torturing psychopath, and Drusilla is everybody in Monsea the realm as a whole. Read-alikes Obvs, Cashore's other books.

Bitterblue (Book)

Also, Tamora Pierce, particularly her Trickster's Choice series of two books. View all 17 comments. Whatever this book is about I want to read it! Kristin Cashore has won my trust. View all 5 comments. May 24, Carson T added it.

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For those who don't know. And Bitterblue was 10 or 11 then, so she's date-able age now. I betcha there will be romance. Not really, it was fantastically written. I just wish the author would continue on with Katsa and Po, the fact she's leaving us hanging over a freaking cliff p For those who don't know. I just wish the author would continue on with Katsa and Po, the fact she's leaving us hanging over a freaking cliff pisses me off. I've heard of cliffhangers, but at least the author is KIND enough to finish and relieve us.

But Cashore continues with another person's point of view, and we probably will end up hearing bits and pieces about Po and Katsa's relationship I haven't read Fire, and plan on not reading anymore of this author's books.

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If they are going to leave me this distraught, ready to cry, then I'd rather not. Some may consider it good when a book makes them cry, but I do not. It makes me angry that I could cry over a book, and a tad bit confuzzled. Just me raging, please don't take offense or get angry with me if this is your favorite book. I'm just telling my opinion.

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  6. So I understand how awesome it is now, because I see some people mentioned in one book and wish the author does a book from their perspective. I'm not going to read any more of this series just because I'm not so much into this author anymore, but I just wanted to point out to those who like romance and will get into those sort of novels, that this happens quite a bit. But, when you see them mentioned from another character's POV, you see a sweet couple and it really does them justice.

    Anyways, thanks for those who supported me, it helped me get over the ending which I don't really remember, but I do vaguely recall no marriage.. View all 48 comments.

    Aug 16, Trina Between Chapters rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , young-adult , audiobooks , I love this world and Bitterblue was a great main character. The ending was abrupt and there was some pretty disturbing subject matter. But this book shines by pulling in the main characters from the previous companion novels.

    I'm glad I finally read this series and I'm sad it's over! All 3 books are inclusive of varying skin colors and races, disabilities, and sexualities. Potential Triggers that I'm aware of : Mentions of torture and rape. Suicide and thoughts or suicide. Dead I love this world and Bitterblue was a great main character.

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    Dead parents prior to the novel and some grief. Mar 08, Amanda Edwards rated it it was ok. I really wanted to love this book. It started out really good, but half-way through I was ready for this book to start rapping up. When it did finally start rapping up, it just ended with ZERO resolution. There has to be another book coming or this will be a major flop. The only thing I got from it was the extent of Leck's evil doing. We finally see how truly twisted and royally f-ed up he was. And that was pretty much the story. Bitterblue does do a little self-exploration, but we just barely s I really wanted to love this book.

    Bitterblue does do a little self-exploration, but we just barely see the beginning of it and the book abruptly ends. View all 12 comments. Jul 15, Nasom rated it it was ok Shelves: fantasy. Although this is the third book of the Graceling Realm series. This book is about Bitterblue now 18 and is Queen. She is trying to find a way to help her kingdom move forward after the manipulation it was under during the reign of a mad king for over 30 years.

    Bitterblue is trying to investigate what the truth is and who the people doing the killing are. This book had potentials especially with the mystery but then things got confusing. Two more plots were added and they had nothing to do with the main plot which made the book more complicated. Also, the unsolved mysteries kept growing to a point where it because ridiculous and when the truth came out, it was anti-climatic.

    I was hoping the romance would at least be good but that was also disappointing. I did enjoy seeing the characters from graceling such as po my fave , Raffin and Katsa but that was about it.

    View 2 comments. Nov 02, Isabel marked it as to-read. I cannot wait for this book to come out!

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    Contrary to popular feeling, I am happy Fire and Graceling ended the way they did; it leaves readers with the satisfaction that the romance wasn't for nothing and the character's feelings were real, and a sense of reality, of not know how each ended. Most of the reviews I've read that have been against Bitterblue being the main character, I have found that almost all of the readers feel this way because they want to know how Po and Katsa ended. Newsflash: I cannot wait for this book to come out!