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This time a lawyer calls Peter to the scene of a crime-Nick Babikian has just found his wife brutally stabbed and floating in their backyard pool.

G.H. Ephron

The lawyer wants Peter to assess Nick's state of mind. A brilliant but paranoid man who's made millions inventing and marketing his own computer role-playing game, he was working in the house while his wife was stabbed, and he's certain to be accused of wielding the knife. Nick claims his innocence, but he has no proof, though certainly some of what he claims seems true.

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For example, there are signs his wife was having an affair. And oddly, the longer they work together, the more Peter relates to Nick's feelings.

Delusion by G.H. Ephron

For Peter himself becomes more and more convinced that his own wife's killer, a man who's supposed to be serving life in prison, is somehow tormenting him at home and at work. It's up to Peter to separate fact from fiction in this chilling entry in a masterful series. Delusion: A Mystery G. Some novelists like to begin with a blank page and see where their thoughts take them. The creator of forensic psychologist, Dr.

"Study In Thirds" written by Bob Garber, played by Peter Zak

Peter Zak Delusion, Amnesia, Addiction , and Obsessed Ephron lays out a four-part approach to the essentials of planning, writing, and selling a mystery novel:. Part 1 leads the writer through the steps of setting up the premise, devising the plot, and establishing the cast of characters. Specially designed forms simplify the process of working out characters and their relationships to each other and to the crime.

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To Outline or Not to Outline? She numbers each scene—arabic numerals are just fine—and briefly notes the following:. Part 2 addresses such writing techniques as how to write a dramatic opening, how to introduce characters, how to dramatize scenes, and how to write suspense.

Part 3 provides a practical, easy-to-follow plan for revision. Reread from start to finish, examining the main plot and central character. Create a scene-by-scene outline and analyze the chronology and pacing. Take multiple selective read-throughs, leapfrogging through your manuscript looking at subplots and characters. Zak mysteries. She tells how to target agents and how to put together a query packet.

Peter Zak Mysteries

She includes a sample query letter and sample summaries. Finally, Ephron acknowledges the truth that the effort to sell a book can be as much of an endurance test as writing one, but urges persistence:.

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