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Coat of arms. Main article: Name of Brazil. Main articles: History of Brazil and Timeline of Brazilian history. Cave painting at Serra da Capivara National Park , one of the largest and oldest concentrations of prehistoric sites in the Americas. That culture appeared to flourish between AD and AD, based on archeological studies.

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Main articles: Independence of Brazil and Empire of Brazil. Main articles: Military dictatorship in Brazil and History of Brazil since M41s along the Avenida Presidente Vargas during the military government.

How Jair Bolsonaro brought the far-right to power in Brazil

Main article: Geography of Brazil. Main article: Climate of Brazil. Lear's macaw , endemic to Raso da Catarina , Bahia. The Amazon rainforest , the most biodiverse rainforest in the world. Main article: Brazilian Armed Forces. Brazilian Army Astros Main article: Foreign relations of Brazil. Main articles: Law enforcement in Brazil and Crime in Brazil. Main articles: States of Brazil and Municipalities of Brazil.

See also: Regions of Brazil. Atlantic Ocean.

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Pacific Ocean. North Region. Northeast Region. Central-West Region. Southeast Region. South Region.

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Rio Grande do Norte. Mato Grosso.

Mato Grosso do Sul. Federal District. Minas Gerais. Rio de Janeiro. Santa Catarina. Rio Grande do Sul. French Guiana. Main article: Economy of Brazil. Brazil is the second largest agricultural exporter in the world. The E-Jet , developed by Embraer , the third largest producer of civil aircraft in the world. P, an oil platform of Petrobras.

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Main article: Energy in Brazil. Main article: Tourism in Brazil.

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Bonito , Mato Grosso do Sul. The rivers in the region are known for their crystal clear waters. The city of Rio de Janeiro is featured in tourism in Brazil. The Garganta do Diabo Walkway allow panoramic view of the falls from the Brazilian side. Main article: Science and technology in Brazil. Main article: Transport in Brazil. Port of Santos , the busiest port in Latin America. Main article: Health in Brazil.

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Main article: Education in Brazil. Main article: Telecommunications in Brazil. Main articles: Demographics of Brazil and Brazilians. See also: Immigration to Brazil and List of Brazilian states by population density. Main article: Race and ethnicity in Brazil. Pardo Multiracial Black 7. Asian 1. Natives 0. Main article: Religion in Brazil. The Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro is one of the most famous religious statues worldwide [] [].

Main articles: List of largest cities in Brazil and Municipalities of Brazil. Largest urban agglomerations in Brazil Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics estimates [] [] []. Main article: Culture of Brazil. Main article: Architecture of Brazil. The Cathedral of Brasilia , an example of Modern architecture. Main article: Music of Brazil.

Heitor Villa-Lobos , the most widely known South American composer. Main article: Brazilian literature. Machado de Assis , poet and novelist, founder of the Brazilian Academy of Letters. Carlos Drummond de Andrade , considered by some as the greatest Brazilian poet. Main article: Brazilian cuisine. See also: List of Brazilian dishes. Brigadeiro is a national candy and one most and is recognized as one of the main dishes of Brazilian cuisine. Main article: Cinema of Brazil. Festival de Gramado , the biggest film festival in the country.

Interior of the Teatro Amazonas , in Manaus. Main article: Brazilian painting. Main article: Sport in Brazil.