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From the Publisher via CrossRef no proxy booksandjournals. Configure custom resolver. Jules Townshend - - Science and Society 63 1 - John P. Pittman - - Science and Society 59 3 - General Volkogonov's Biography of Lenin.

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  • Paul N. Siegel - - Science and Society 59 3 - John Ehrenberg - - Science and Society 59 3 - Empiricism: Reloaded.

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    Lenin and the Politics of Organization. John R. Ehrenberg - - Science and Society 43 1 - Anton Pannekoek - - Marquette University Press.

    Paul Zarembka - - Science and Society 67 3 - Kevin Anderson - - Science and Society 59 3 - Plekhanov, Lenin and Working-Class Consciousness. Lenin and the Practice of Dialectical Thinking. Robert Mayer - - Science and Society 63 1 - Ia Pakhomov - - Russian Studies in Philosophy 9 1 Such a project would be Leninist in its commitment to action based on truth and its acceptance of the consequences that follow from action.

    These essays, some of which are appearing in English for the first time, bring Lenin face-to-face with the problems of today, including war, imperialism, the imperative to build an intelligentsia of wage earners, the need to embrace the achievements of bourgeois society and modernity, and the widespread failure of social democracy. Lenin Reloadeddemonstrates that truth and partisanship are not mutually exclusive as is often suggested.

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    Quite the opposite-in the present, truth can be articulated only from a thoroughly partisan position. Kevin B. Terry Eagleton Lenin in the Postmodern Age.