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Rapid promotion followed, and Bezmenov was once again assigned to Bila in , this time as a Soviet press-officer and a public relations agent for the KGB.

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He continued Novosti's propaganda effects in New Delhi , working out of the Soviet embassy. Bezmenov was directed to slowly but surely establish the Soviet sphere of influence in India. In the same year, a secret directive of the Central Committee opened a new secret department in all embassies of the Soviet Union around the world, titled the "Research and Counter-Propaganda Group.

Those who refused to cooperate with Soviet plans were the target of character assassination in the media and press. Bezmenov stated that he was also instructed not to waste time with idealistic leftists, as these would become disillusioned, bitter, and adversarial when they realized the true nature of Soviet Communism. To his surprise, he discovered that many such were listed for execution once the Soviets achieved control.

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Instead, Bezmenov was encouraged to recruit from large circulation, established conservative media, rich filmmakers, intellectuals in academic circles, and cynical, egocentric people who lacked moral principles. During that period, increasingly seeing the Soviet system as insidious and ruthless, Bezmenov began careful planning to defect.

In February , Bezmenov clothed himself in hippie attire, complete with a beard and wig, and joined a tour group; by this means, he escaped to Athens , Greece.

After contacting the American embassy and undergoing extensive interviews with United States intelligence, Bezmenov was granted asylum in Canada by the administration of Pierre Trudeau. After studying political science at the University of Toronto for two years, and working on an Ontario farm for three, in Bezmenov was hired by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Montreal, broadcasting to the Soviet Union as part of the CBC's International Service.

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This is when he met his wife, Tess. In , Bezmenov left the CBC and began free-lance journalism. In , he gave an interview to G. Edward Griffin.

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  5. In the interview, Bezmenov explained the methods used by the KGB for the gradual subversion of the political system of the United States. Under the pen-name Tomas D. Schuman, Bezmenov authored the book Love Letter to America [8].

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    Tomas D. Around the same time, Bezmenov had his child in the West, a daughter named Tanya. He later had a son named Johnathan. The main emphasis of the KGB is not in the area of intelligence at all. In , he and his wife divorced. That same year he moved to Windsor, Ontario, whilst she stayed in Montreal.

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    Two years later, he began teaching international relations at Windsor College. Two weeks later, Bezmenov's death was reported on January 6, According to the Windsor Star , he died of a "massive heart attack " on Tuesday, January 5, following admission to the intensive care unit.

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This name uses Eastern Slavic naming customs ; the patronymic is Alexandrovich and the family name is Bezmenov. Grace Hospital, Windsor, Ontario , Canada. Moscow State University University of Toronto.

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