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Overview of OWSM Security Policies

Oracle Web Services Manager - Tasks

This command displays a list of the web services or web service clients in a domain including endpoint configuration, the effective set of policies attached to each endpoint, the secure status of the endpoint, any configuration overrides and constraints, and if the endpoint has a valid configuration. If your configuration includes policies attached globally using policy sets, you can view information about the policy sets using the following commands:.

For information about using this command, see "Viewing a List of Policy Sets". For information about using this command, see "Displaying the Configuration of a Policy Set". For more information about determining if the endpoint is secure and has a valid configuration, see "Determining the Secure Status of an Endpoint". Because you can specify the priority of a global or directly attached policy using the reference.

The global and directly attached security policies are shown in bold. The directly attached policy is shown in bold. The checkWSMStatus command returns the status of the policy manager wsm-pm , the agent agent , and the credential store and keystore configuration credstore. The status of the components can be checked together or individually. This command can be run after the provisioning of your WSM-protected web service; there is no need to wait until after the first invocation.

Getting Started with Oracle Web Services Manager

In the following example, the checkWSMStatus command returns a failure for the credential store because it is missing the key keystore-csf-key. The probable cause and recommended solutions are also provided.

The sts. If the property has been overridden, the CSF key may not be available in the credential store or the override may not be specifying the correct value. Override the sts. CertPathValidatorException: signature check failed. When communicating with any service over an SSL channel, a valid SSL certificate for the service must be available in the trusted keystore for the JRE distribution being used in the environment.

In most cases, the SSL certificate is found in the following directory:. Local STS configuration is also not available. This exception occurs because both the client and the service do not have an STS trust config policy attached.

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For a simple WS-Trust use case, the STS trust config policy must be attached to either the client or the service application. Attach an STS trust config policy to the client or service application as required for your configuration. For more information, see "Configuring WS-Trust". FailedAuthentication: Security Token cannot be authenticated: Error in receiving the request: oracle.

For detailed procedures, see "Configuring Keystores for Message Protection". InvalidSecurityToken: The security token is not valid. SAML assertion issuer name is invalid. The SAML assertion issuer name is not configured in the trusted issuers list in the domain in which the Relying Party service is deployed. This exception can be thrown when a third party STS server is protected using a policy that does not have a compatible client policy in OWSM. Any STS endpoint that the client is trying to communicate with is protected with a security policy.

In this case, the client should not have any trouble finding the corresponding client policy. Under Application Deployments, expand Internal Applications. WSM The policy manager application has not been deployed. WSM Cannot connect to the policy manager due to credential issue. WSM Unable to connect to the policy access service. Problems connecting to the Policy Manager are commonly caused by the following: The Policy Manager is down. If there is a problem with the repository configuration, then Verify that the database and MDS schema are setup correctly.

Attaching OWSM Security Policies to JAX-WS Web Services

The signature key is not set. There is a missing key in the credential store. For the KSS keystore: The keystore may have not been initialized or the necessary permissions are not granted. Note: Before you edit an alias, be sure that doing so will not affect any other web service.

The subject. To troubleshoot the subject. WSM The referenced policy does not exist in the repository. WSM The document was not found in the repository. Policy access issues that occur after an application invokes a web service are commonly caused by the following problems: The Policy Manager is down The policy URI is missing or the policy name is misspelled.

The policy does not exist in the repository The policy attachment is not in effect due to a cache delay. If the policy does not exist in the OWSM repository, do one of the following: For predefined policies: Verify that the repository has been upgraded with all of the latest predefined policies using the upgradeWSMRepository command. Verify the policy accessor and cache delay. To reduce the amount of the delay, if necessary, you can tune the following cache property settings: Initial Cache Refresh , default milliseconds 10 minutes Cache Refresh Time , default milliseconds 10 minutes For details about tuning these properties, see the following sections: "Configuring High Availability and Cache Management Using Fusion Middleware Control".

The user is not listed in the map used by OWSM. The CSF key for the entry does not exist in the credential store. AccessControlException: access denied oracle. WSFunctionPermission Generally, failure to authorize a user is not really a problem but rather intended behavior; that is, the system was unable to authorize the user for the action that the user was attempting.

OWSM – Oracle Web Services Manager (Part 2)

The error may look similar to the following: T ExecuteThread: '7' for queue: 'weblogic. The application stripe name, which is SalesApp V2. Set the system clock. Use an ntp server to maintain the time. The following listing illustrates an example of this scenario. Note: If the authentication policies attached to the subject are exact duplicates of each other, including any configuration overrides, the policy attachment is viewed as a duplicate and the configuration is valid.

It provides capabilities to build, enforce, run and monitor Web service policies, such as security, reliable messaging, MTOM, and addressing policies. OWSM can be used by both developers, at design time, and system administrators in production environments. OWSM provides business agility to respond to security threats and security breaches by allowing policy changes to be enforced in real time without the need to interrupt the running business processes.

As shown in Figure , OWSM provides the "first mile security" via client agents for securing Web service clients, and "last mile security" via server agents securing Web services. If your Web services are accessible only from inside the corporate intranet, they typically still require authentication and authorization. In addition, auditing is often required to address regulatory compliance. OWSM allows for policy-driven centralized management of Web services with local enforcement.

OWSM provides a policy framework to manage and secure Web services consistently across your organization. Provides business agility to respond to security threats and security breaches by allowing policy changes to be enforced in real time without the need to interrupt the running business processes.

Avoids the need for developers to understand security specifications and security implementation details. Performance management, including metrics for service, port, and operation, policy dependencies per port, number of security violations, number of invocations, and more.

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