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Q: Suzee Orman and other high- profile financial advisers often harp on the fact that so many of us spend beyond our means, trying to impress other people.

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Do you see that as a particularly American — or even more specifically, a Californian — trait? A: It's across the country.

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We've all got this idea that to fit in with your peers, you whip out your credit card. Use cash when you can, so you know what's going out and what's coming in. Stop and think about what you're buying: Do I need it, and will I be happy when I buy it? I'm not telling people they should walk to work, in the rain, with holes in their shoes.

But it's fairly simple to use common sense.

¿Se Habla Dinero?: The Everyday Guide to Financial Success

Q: I was especially taken with your book's emphasis on higher education, particularly in light of statistics showing a low percentage of Hispanics in four-year universities and colleges. Why is that important to you? You're able to invest more in your children's education.

You're able to save more for your own retirement. That's true whether you go to school to be an auto mechanic or anything else. But it's not just about the money. The more you improve yourself, the more you enhance your life. Q: Your book addresses some of the language confusion that arises with financial terms. For instance, a "notario" in Mexico is an attorney, but in the United States, a "notary" is someone who confirms your valid signature on a legal document. How much of our financial fluency is tied to our English fluency? A: It's not tied to the language per se. A lot of it's tied to the fact that no one in the U.

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Everyone has a blind spot in our financial literacy. Even after 17 years as a business reporter , there were things I found in doing my book research that I didn't know.

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It's IRS Publication and can be ordered free by phone at or downloaded at www. Q: Let's talk about the American dream: homeownership. You actually state that it's not necessarily for everyone.

That would have been good advice for a lot of folks who got into subprime loans. A: There's a big difference between what you can qualify for vs. Obviously, if you can't afford a mortgage, it's in your best interest to rent because that's how you can afford to keep a roof over your head. If you're moving every three years, or have a miserable credit history, a home loan is going to cost you considerably.

A: Spend a year or so cleaning up your credit history before getting into a mortgage.

It'll cost you less. One does not need to know English to become a legal resident of the United States. You cannot assume those who may not speak English are not legally here. Not only that, but most Hispanics here in Elgin are bilingual, which gives them a definite edge in our growing global economy.

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So the next time you Helping businesses and advertising agencies craft messages that will resonate with the Hispanic Community. February 24, 'Se Habla Dinero?

Q: What motivated you to write this book? Q: Who's your audience? Is it first-generation Latinos and their families or a broader audience? Q: What influences in your own family convinced you of the need for financial fluency?

Se Habla Dinero: The Everyday Guide to Financial Success/La Guia Diaria Para El Exito Financiero

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