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Tatsuya Nagano*, Motoko Tachihara and Yoshihiro Nishimura

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With an unprecedented number of new investigational agents and companies in immuno-oncology IO , it has been difficult to track and understand the current IO agents in clinical development and the clinical trials testing these agents. The Clinical Accelerator team presents an unbiased, neutral, scientifically curated, and timely updated analysis based on information collected from numerous trusted and publicly available sources.

We hope to inform the cancer research community through academic publications as it strives for efficiencies and innovation while avoiding duplication.

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We also present the following interactive dashboards of this landscape of immuno-oncology drug development that explore the field:. Please note that all landscape dashboards are integrated with the CRI iAtlas for further exploration of the molecular targets. Additionally, data from our Immuno-Oncology Landscape has been featured in a review of IO combination trials in breast cancer:. Menu Contact Dictionary Search. Understanding Cancer. What Is Cancer? Cancer Statistics. Cancer Disparities. Cancer Causes and Prevention. Risk Factors. Cancer Prevention Overview.

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New cancer drug targets accelerate path to precision medicine

Screening Tests. Diagnosis and Staging. Questions to Ask about Your Diagnosis. Types of Cancer Treatment. Side Effects of Cancer Treatment. Clinical Trials Information. A to Z List of Cancer Drugs. Questions to Ask about Your Treatment. Feelings and Cancer.

Adjusting to Cancer. Day-to-Day Life. Support for Caregivers. Questions to Ask About Cancer. Choices for Care. Talking about Your Advanced Cancer. Planning for Advanced Cancer. Advanced Cancer and Caregivers. Questions to Ask about Advanced Cancer. Managing Cancer Care.

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Finding Health Care Services. Advance Directives. Using Trusted Resources. Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer. Reports, Research, and Literature. Cancers by Body Location. Late Effects of Childhood Cancer Treatment.

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